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Life Rainbow sponsored the 2016 Taiwan Mycotoxin Forum on Ma
Issuing time:2017-12-25 10:28
“Many thanks to Life Rainbow Biotech for sponsoring the academic activity on mycotoxin pollution in animal feed” said by Dr. Vincent Cheng, the head of Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science in National Yilan University, Taiwan.
The 2016 Taiwan Mycotoxin Forum hold on the 12th of May in Taiwan, is the joint effort of National Ilan University and National Chiayi University. The forum successfully gathered related professors, experienced technicians from major feed mills, pig farmers, integrators and distributors together to spread and discuss the latest findings on feed mycotoxin pollution.

Dr. Imourana, researcher from INRA ToxAlim, Toulouse, was invited as keynote speaker. He shared the significant results on how mycotoxins target immune system in pigs and compromise the specific immune activity. The compromising effects cause by mycotoxin will not only decrease the pig immunity but also breakdown the vaccine efficacy. He pointed out that the disease may even outbreak in the properly vaccinated pigs due to the mycotoxin pollution in feed. With respect to multi-mycotoxin contamination, Dr. Imourana shared his literature survey in the related studies from 1986 to 2013 with us. Two important messages are: Multi-mycotoxin contamination in feed is a common situation worldwide. Under low concentration, the main type of interaction among Trichothecenes is synergy.
Dr. Change, professor from Department of Veterinary Medicine in National Chiayi University, showed the audience several farm cases on the harmful results lead by mycotoxin pollution regarding growth performance, reproductive performance and diseases. With a global view, Dr. Change discussed the real situation from local farms with the audiences.
Professor Cheng demonstrated the harmful effects and the underlying mechanism on how mycotoxin can be harmful for poultry with the focus on growth performance and disease outbreak. Also he shared his knowledge on the pros and cons of existing mycotoxin treatments in feed.

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